Creating a future free from the fear of cancer

At every step

For over 25 years the Marie Keating Foundation has been a trusted source of support and advice to anyone who has been impacted by cancer.

Nurse talking to a woman
Nurse welcoming to a unit

There for everyone impacted by cancer across Ireland everyday

With your generosity we offer an array of services focussed on prevention, education and support for men and women at every step of a cancer journey. 

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Could help ensure our nurses are in communities like yours to offer free, confidential advice on cancer prevention & early detection.
Could ensure someone struggling with the financial cost of cancer can apply for a grant to cover essentials like electricity, gas or food.
Could help ensure we can offer additional support groups for you to 40 people diagnosed with cancer.

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A gift today will make all the difference

All our services are only possible with the generosity of the Irish public, so please consider making a gift today.

We are committed to being there for people diagnosed with cancer, and their families at every step of the cancer journey.

Help create a future free from the fear of cancer.

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Our nurses care

Our caring and compassionate nurses are incredible and they are funded by you.  From answering questions in our mobile information units, to working everyday for cancer patients, our nurses are always there.  

They work in schools, communities and businesses, reaching thousands of people every year.  They also work with underserved communities such as the travelling community, refugees, and those with an intellectual disability.
Two women hugging
"Not only have the nurses spoken to our students but have also met & instructed teachers on how to teach the TY Cancer Prevention Programme to our students. Teachers have found this support invaluable & the very well laid out content & lesson plans of the course extremely beneficial.
 We look forward to working closely with the Marie Keating Foundation in the future & thank them for their services to our young ladies." - Mary

Group support and friendship

Our support groups are funded by you, they are faciliated by our expert nursing team who offer the groups help with the emotional and physical impacts of a cancer diagnosis.

But more than this they are men and women with their own stories and familiers that come together and form incredible bonds.
Group of ladies

"On behalf of the Rehab Care team here in Kilkenny we like like to thank The Marie Keating Foundation, and in particular, yourself and Melanie on an excellently delivered talk to the service users here in the Center.   Staff noticed how well all the service users engaged in the talk, and we got some very positive feedback from individuals throughout the day." Seamus, Rehab Care

The hidden cost

The last thing anyone thinks of when they are diagnosed with cancer is the impact it has on them financially.  But this impact can be huge and debilitating, and rather than being focussed on their health they are focussed on money worries. 

The Marie Keating Foundation Comfort Fund is there when medical bills start to build up or traveling to and from hospital becomes too expensive.  Our Comfort Fund is entirely funded by generous donations.

Nurse on the phone

"There's things like car parking. It's very expensive to park at any of the hospitals. So patients, if you're there for a full day for chemo and you're paying a full day for that and the €80 fees. And the extra bits of medications that we have to get, all of those things add up. And for the most part, we wouldn't be working so you're on illness benefit or whatever package up until a certain amount. " - Niamh