Cancer is a journey that we believe no one should have to walk alone.

By leaving a gift in your will you can help create a world free from the fear of cancer.

A world where children and adults in Ireland know the signs of cancer, understand what a healthy lifestyle means, and where people are not afraid to visit a GP to ask about the symptoms of cancer.

A world where support and advice are freely available and accessible to everyone, and a cancer diagnosis is no longer a financial burden.

We believe that a community of people who care and work together can change things for the better and build a world free from the fear of cancer.

With a gift in your Will, you could help achieve this life-changing ambition.

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Marie's Legacy

When Maire passed away from cancer in 1998 at just 51 years old, the rest of her family were devastated and in their grief they determined to ensure people did not die needlessly from cancer.  They decided to ensured that support and advice was freely available all over Ireland so no other family would loose thier mother as they had.   

They created the Marie Keating Foundation to that end and they created a legacy that is still hleping men and women all over Ireland everyday, 24 years later.

With a gift in your Will, you can help ensure that more families on their cancer journey will have our expert care and reassuring support when they need it most – every step of the way.

Because you care, we’ll always be there.