Help at every step

We provide a wide and varied array of services to help provide support, information and advice to people at every step of their cancer journey. Our services focus on cancer prevention and education, or support and community for those already on a cancer journey.

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Nurse and mobile unit parked in a community

Bringing life-changing advice to people across Ireland

Our specialist community nurses travel the country in Mobile Information Units to raise awareness of cancer. We visit schools, workplaces, community settings and marginalised areas to provide vital information on living healthily to reduce your risk of cancer, as well as spotting its early signs.

Support with life after cancer treatment

For people who have finished treatment, adjusting to normal life can be hard. That’s why we created the Survive and Thrive programme. This helps anyone who has come out the other side of treatment adapt to the ‘new normal', with advice from our nurses and cancer survivors.

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Could help give one-to-one support to someone recently diagnosed with cancer.
Could help ensure our nurses are in communities like yours to offer free, confidential advice on cancer prevention & early detection.
Could ensure someone struggling with the financial cost of cancer can apply for a grant to cover essentials like electricity, gas or food.
Could help ensure we can offer additional support groups for up to 40 people diagnosed with cancer.

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We are committed to being there for people diagnosed with cancer, and their families at every step of this cancer journey, and our services reflect that.

Living with cancer positively

A metastatic (stage four) cancer diagnosis can leave many feeling lost and alone. Our Positive Living programme offers resources and support to individuals and their family. It also enables them to connect with others facing the same challenges and build valuable friendships.

Nurse in a mobile unit offering a leaflet about breast cancer

Financial support when it’s needed most

As well as the physical and emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis, it can also place a huge strain on your finances. Our Comfort Fund was created to help those going through cancer treatment who are experiencing financial difficulty as a result, with oneoff grants that make a real difference.

Our values in everything we do

Integrity, honesty and transparency

We take the responsibility given to us by our supporters seriously and ensure we are as efficient, while still being effective, as possible.

Partnership, sharing and teamwork

The heart of Marie Keating Foundation is to improve our services and outcomes for patients, survivors & families.

Compassion and

Upholding the dignity of whoever we help matters the most to us and are our priority in everything that we do.